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Teaching Tools


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We use three real time interface teaching platforms according to course needs. Their major attributes are:

A) Advanced Audio-Visual Communication.

  • The teacher and students see and hear each other, their screens and applications in real time (live) through web cameras, microphones and headsets. (As if they were in the same classroom).

Β) The teacher and students can present to each other:

  • Their computer screen in real time.
  • Any application they may be running on their computer. (Such as WORD, POWERPOINT, PDF, EXCEL or whichever application they wish to show.
  • Instructional video can be presented through our platform in real time.
  • Lessons using an interactive whiteboard to facilitate the student's understanding of what is being taught.
  • Immediate transfer of files between the instructor and the students.

C) The teacher and students can use the built-in Chat Box to send text messages to each other or to all.

PS. To maintain discipline in the classroom, students, by pressing a virtual button, raise their hand in order to be permitted to speak.

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